Quality Policy

To establish Orachic as an important brand that represesnts uality in skin care and hair care. We will accomplish this using high quality manufacturing and research, a creative marketing program, and a ccomrehensive distribution network. using both brick and mortar retail outlets, internet presence, and a consumer catalogue.

By utilizing this multi-channel approach we will be able to reach the niche market for quality personal care products rapidly and efficiently. It will allow us to develop Orachic as the brand for quality skin and body care products within our target market.

Key To Access

  • Quality Control
  • Manpower
  • Product Logistics and quality control
  • Producs placements in key retail accounts.
  • A vertical retail presence in brick and mortar, catalouge and e-commerce.
  • The creation of a "buzz" about this "hot...new" brand among opinion leaders through a combination of PR and product placements.