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Our products mainly comprise of Herbs and Herbal Based Products, Ayurvedic Medicines, Cosmetics, Herbs, Processing, Herbal Extract, Natural Plant Extracts, Herbal Cosmetics, Ayurvedic Formulations. Here we offer our clients the products to the utmost convenience and the most refined products which help to derive satisfaction for our buyers. And this also helps to benefit our clients who can make the maximum use of all the products available. And we help our customers to protect their skin and health.

Papaya Brightening Glow Face wash

Papaya Face Wash will help you flaunt a brighter, radiating skin with no unwanted dark spots. An advanced formula enrich with papaya has the ability to slough off dead cells from the skin surface. It may help brighten and even the skin tone. It can protect the skin and offer anti-inflammatory benefits after exfoliation. You will love this face wash instantly.

Active Ingredient USP
Papaya: dead cells from the skin surface. It may help brighten and even the skin tone.
Walnut Extract: strong antioxidant properties offer protection from pollution, environment, and UV.  
Aloe vera Juice: proven Moisturising Agent

18 herbs (7 in 1 benefits) hair oil

This oil is especially formulated with advanced technology using proven herbs in refined Sesame oil as per the recognized Ayurvedic literature.

Active Ingredient USP
Coconut oil: Protector and Hair nourisher 
Amla: Prevents premature greying of hair 
Almond: Softens and strengthens the hair 
Clove oil: Controls dandruff 
Brahmi: Good for sleep 
Heena: Hair Darkening & calming 
Olive oil: offers shine & silky texture 

Cocoa Butter moisturizing lotion

Cocoa butter lotion makes skin softer with more elasticity and a healthier appearance. It helps to improve skin’s firmness, texture and elasticity with daily use, with continued use. Skin is softer due to its improved moisture content.

Active Ingredient USP
Shea Butter : protection of the skin against weather, sun and photoaging, heal from Sun burn, elimination of superficial irritations.
Coco butter: reduce cutaneous dryness and to assist in moisturization after exposure to sun and other harsh elements. 
Coconut oil : offers long lasting moisturising
Allantoin: used for centuries in the folk medicine of many countries as Skin protection Agent

Fairness Cream with SPF 25

This Fairness cream, using a holistic approach to our formulations with presence of Whitening ingredients & Nutritive Extracts will fade melanin, improve skin colour and make your skin whitening step by step. Orachic Fairness cream does not contain the damaging and toxic chemicals like hydroquinone, mercury & any other harmful bleaching agent.

Active Ingredient USP
Vitamins (Vitamin C & B3): improve Complexion & works on dark spots
Fairness Active (Licorice & Carrot seed): offers instant fairness
Nutritive oil (Olive & Sunflower oil): offers long lasting moisturising

Carrot Mulberry

Carrot & Mulberry Fruit thirst gel is Rich source of vitamins A & E and beta carotene of Carrot. It is soothing to dry and rough skin and bring moisture in skin. While Mulberry offers Powerful Skin whitening & antioxidants protect the skin from environmental aggressors, rich in Vitamin A & C gives glowing & fair skin.

Active Ingredient USP
Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Extract: Whitening, nourish, tighten, revitalize, and rejuvenate skin, slow the progression of visible wrinkles
Morus Alba root (Mulberry) Extract: traditionally been known and used as an herb medicine or whitening agent since the ancient times. 
Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice: proven Moisturising Agent