About us

About Us

We are into Cosmetic Industry from sinces 1985 We pride ourselves on using only high end quality products. We use the best available products in Herbal and Natural Care. Now we are getting into exports of herbal products which would include a wide range of crude herbs, dried herbs and many more. Here we come across the facts of Indian culture with ayurvedas. We always believed that India has a great deal to offer the rest of the world, in terms of her herbal heritage and her tradition of herbal healing. We believe that our ancient holistic system of Ayurveda is actually much more relevant to the modern world.
Today, the world is looking at Ayurveda with enlightened eyes. During the last few decades, there has been a worldwide “back to nature” trend. We have seen naturalism and the “total wellness” concept come into our lifestyles, with greater emphasis on mental and physical well being.